Homescapes Hack Cheats Free Coins and Stars Generator

To get free Stars and Coins, Use Homescapes Hack. After a huge success of Gardenscapes by Playrix comes up with the same game series called Homescapes. This game was launched first on July 26th, 2017, In Canada, for only iOS mobiles to check its audience response before releasing it to the worldwide on Sept 19th 2017.

Homescapes Hack Cheats Free Coins and Stars Generator

Now you can download this game for your devices based on any Operating System like AndroidiOS, and Windows.

As this game is becoming so popular, like its cousin game Gardenscapes. We have successfully developed Homescapes Hack Tool No Survey No Download for our users to obtain Unlimited Stars, Coins.

What is Different in Homescapes?

Gardenscapes game is all about decorating your Garden; By using various resources given, and improving it step by step to make your garden look better than before. However, homescapes game is about decorating and improving your Home (the name itself helps to understand). Let’s learn more about Homescapes game.

Introduction to Homescapes Game and Its Basic Tasks

So the Game story-line starts with our character Austin the Butler who came back to his old home. That is where he grew up from the childhood and has lots of good memories from his home.

Now he has decided to stay with his mom and dad living in his old home, and relive those memories of his childhood again. But he found his house has become very dirty. So he decided to renew his house, and you are going to help him doing so in the gameplay.

Complete various tasks to help Austin decorate his home. Such as earn stars and coins to purchase new stuff for Austin’s home stuffs.

PART 2 – Introduction and Basic Parts

As you advance in the game, you can unlock new rooms of the home to give them a makeover with Austin. It’s a fun game again like Gardenscapes, and many of us love this game while playing. It engages us very well in gameplay while completing tasks. Here instead of candies, there is something else we have to burst.

An in-game social network feature will allow you to access the Facebook from the game itself. You can follow the characters on Facebook without accessing it separately. Also there are 400+ new levels came in the game which are more exciting. And there is a new thing called Soap Foamers, you can use to them create Lather and Walnunts.

Only one drawback of this game is that it costs very much real money to purchase coins and lives. It should be affordable to everyone so that one can manage to buy them.

PART 3 – Introduction and Basic Parts

In our opinion, you can simply go for Homescapes Cheats to get Free Coins, Lives and even Stars in endless amounts for your account.

So you can unlock all the rooms of Austin’s home and decorate them as luxurious as you want. As you will have countless stars and coins, you can easily buy so many things to replace in the home.

Unlock new areas of the game, Play limitless with free Lives and have a more decorative approach with available replacements of furniture and stuff in the game. You can also try to get these resources free with Homescapes Mod Apk.

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Homescapes Hack – For Free Stars and Coins

You can use this tremendous Homescapes Coins and Stars Generator to stock the resources in a large quantity, and use them in according with your requirement. This Homescapes Hack Tool is safe to use by the way, as its build by the most professional team of developers. We ensure your safety first, and that is why this online tool works on our own website, and you don’t need to download anything from this website. It is easier than anyone can make use of it and generate instant resources for the account.

This online generator is a smart way of collecting free items and using them instantly to move forward in Homescapes.

Why Use Homescapes Hack and Cheats Generator?

As you know, to purchase Coins, Lives, and Stars; it is very costly in the game. Everyone cannot afford to pay for it. Then what should one do if he or she has no money or no permission to use the credit card anymore?

He or she will search other options to get free resources for the game. You know nothing is impossible, and in today’s world, everything can get invented with some expertise and knowledge.

This Homescapes Online Hack Generator is the best example of the invention. We have tested this tool many times before conducting it on our website. You can be assured that you will definitely get your desired amount of Stars and Coins for Homescapes game without any difficulty.

It is our commitment that, once you try and generate your first batch of resources, you will visit this website on your own in future, and use this method, again and again, to get more game items for free.

Advantages of using Homescapes Cheats and Hack Tool

  • Easy To Use: this tool is very easy to use because of its user-friendly capabilities. Anyone with limited or no knowledge of hacking can also manage to use it very efficiently.
  • Simple Guidelines to Understand: You will get to know that when are using this generator, it will guide you how to fill up the credentials and run the generator itself.
  • Instant Generation Process: Unlike other dumb generators, this online tool uses High Speed Secured Servers to perform its task and manages to provide you instant Stars and Coins for Homescapes.

How To Use Homescapes Hack Effectively?

Below you will find a Step By Step Guide to using Homescapes Hack Cheats Generator to get unlimited Coins and Stars for Homescapes game.

  1. Access the Homescapes Online Generator available on this website.
  2. Put your username in the username field.
  3. Select your device like iOS, Android or Windows to confirm.
  4. Select a number of resources you want to generate.
  5. Run the generator and wait for a couple of minutes.
  6. When generator finishes its process, check your generated resources in the account.
  7. Enjoy Playing Homescapes.
Homescapes hack and cheats no verification

Knitting Story – Chance to Earn Free Boosters & Limitless Lives in Game

For those who want unlimited boosters and lives in Homescapes game, there is good news for you all. Now you can win these boosters and lives for yourself by participating in the Knitting Story; An event carried out currently in the Homescapes game.

What Is Exactly Knitting Story About?

Knitting Story is a temporary event introduced in the Homescapes on December 6th 2017. It is available to participants from the 37th level of the game, and everyone who is on 37th level or above can take part in this event.

In the Knitting Story event, you have to beat various upcoming levels to knit a beautiful scarf for our Austin the Butler. When you complete a certain level, you knit a part of the scarf, and when you achieve another level, the scarf gets knitted furthermore. When your scarf get knitted thoroughly, you will earn more jackpot rewards (maybe free coins and stars) at the end of this event.


The best part of this event is that whenever you beat any level the unlimited lives and boosters. It help you completing next levels of the event. And, you can also use these boosters and lives in your regular gameplay for match 3 tasks in Homescapes.

Don’t worry about the hardness of the match 3’s in the event, as they are as same as we are currently playing in the game. There are no special match 3’s or levels designed for this event. So, all you have to do is just play the game as you play regularly and earn unlimited boosters and lives for free of cost. Knitting Story is first ever event carried out in this game so don’t miss this opportunity and make as much as free boosters and lives you can.

Let us know what you think about this Homescapes cheats for getting boosters and lives free from this event.

Final Words.

Obtaining Stars and Coins for the game is very expensive and not affordable to everyone. However, if there is an alternative available to get those resources for FREE, and if it is reliable also, then why not to use the free source first to get limitless coins and stars for Homescapes?

This Homescapes Coins Hack tool is a masterpiece, and everyone is happy using it. There are lots of our users regularly use this generator to get items of the game instantly.

Just give it a try and find out how it works for you. We bet you will comment down and thank us for this ultimate method.

If you are still in confusion, then why not you just go ahead and generate the resources for your account. and let us prove you that Homescapes Stars Generator really works.

Are you satisfied now and found what you want to know about Homescapes game?

If Yes? Then,

Go ahead !! Share this info with your friends and colleagues and let them also take benefit of using this method, by earning free stars and coins by using this excellent Homescapes Hack.