Empires and Puzzles Hack Free Gems Generator No Survey

Good News! We are proud to present the newest and working Empires and Puzzles Hack 2019 to get free gems instantly. Our online generator can be use in any of your android, iOS and even on PC devices. Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on RPG games for android and iOS, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold – topped with thrilling PVP duels. Join the battle now! Get empires and puzzles gems daily for free now.

Empires and Puzzles Hack Free Gems Generator No Survey


  • Fight – Send your troops charging by making amazing combos!
  • Build – Rebuild an immense war fortress!
  • Collect – Summon hundreds of powerful heroes and troops!
  • Raid – Fight in PvP battles against players from around the world!
  • Upgrade – Level up your heroes, buildings and special powers!
  • Team Up – Fight mighty Titans with your Alliance!
  • Amazing Graphics – Experience detailed monsters, heroes and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world!

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Start your game by downloading it to your android, iOS or PC. Begin using our Empires and Puzzles Hack and get free gems as you begin your game. Beat the game and stay on the top leaderboard.


First of all, you can get gems as much as you like by buying it with some real money. We all know that in gaining a momentum in the game you need some resources. But, it will be a waste of money in purchasing the in-app gems. As a result, we have made some research about Empires and Puzzles RPQ Quest and developed a working hack.

The other way to get free gems is to participate in reward websites and free giveaways. They will let you do some tasks in order to gain some points and exchange it to free in-app purchase in Empires and Puzzles RPG Quest.

Other websites were offering also Empires and Puzzles RPG Quest free gems and it will be just like the other reward website. You have to do tasks also to exchange for rewards. Many streamers also were giving free in-app resources and Empires and Puzzles RPG Quest gems is their main free giveaways.


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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest that was written by Elton Jones. In addition, use the Empires and Puzzles Hack which gives you free gems instantly. Starting up your game with free gems will give you a huge boost in your game account.


The damage done by your troops is greatly affected by the Elemental affinities. Especially in PVP, it can make a huge difference if you combo hits an enemy who’s at disadvantage – you’ll deal double damage on each hit. The rules are easy to remember (and you can always check the Elemental chart from the upper edge of the screen); Fire is strong against Nature, Nature is strong against Ice and Ice is strong against Fire. Light and Dark are a different since they’re strong against each other but weak against their own Element.


Each Hero gains mana for Special Skills when troops of their own element hits enemies. This one is simple enough, but you’ll soon notice that any troops that reach the far end of the battlefield provide a big amount of bonus mana to their respective Heroes. In many battles, it’s worth considering whether to strike the enemy in front of you or if sending some of the troops through a gap in the enemy lines would give you enough mana to do a devastating Special Skill attack on the next turn.


You can take four different Battle Items with you into Story battles. Don’t neglect these even if early in the game you don’t need to use them. You’ll soon gain access to some very useful items, such as the Scroll of Revival that brings defeated heroes back to combat. These can make all the difference, especially against bosses seen later in game. In additional, use our empires and puzzles hack gems generator for easy battle items.


Always check that you have the strongest possible Troops equipped for you Hero. The free Daily Summon has a chance for winning both Uncommon and Rare Troops, which both can seriously add to the power of your hero – as long as they’re taken into battle.


To battle with other players, you must build the Watchtower. This is possible to do very early in the beginning and is highly recommended. Dueling with other players is fun and can win you some resources – but most importantly, PVP is a really good place to really learn how different characters work. You may well notice that there’s a hero that suits your playstyle perfectly by facing off against a player with different heroes in use.


The Quest map opens at player experience level 10. Getting there takes some effort but it’s worth it. The map has new Quest levels available every day. These levels reward you with guaranteed loot of a specified type when completed. Some Quests give food, some give recruits, plus Rare Quests have some extremely hard-to-get upgrading materials as the ultimate prize. In other words, you should do quests to get resources but for an easier method to get gems is to use the latest empires and puzzles hack.


Alliances become available at player experience level four. The big draw of joining an Alliance is hunting Titans. Titans require multiple Alliance members to work together to deal enough damage to take them down. If the Alliance is successful in defeating a Titan, all members who took part get their share of the loot.


Notice the chests on the left side of your screen? These contain gems and loot that are yours to get whenever you fill the progress bar next to the chest. The Monster chest is available from the beginning, but the Heroes chest requires you to build a Watchtower and the Titan chest requires you to join an Alliance. It goes without saying that fulfilling the chest requirements whenever possible is strongly recommended to get some precious gems for free.


Once you’ve fought a few fights in the PVP arena, you’ll likely start to notice various ways to optimize your play. Here’s a pro tip – the order of your heroes in the lineup matters a lot. The hero in the middle of the lineup will be in the front position on the battlefield when defending against other players. This means that the middle hero will be hit much more than the others. A strong hero with plenty of defense and health is a good bet for the middle position. In additional, using the empires and puzzles hack and cheats online is also considered as a technique.


You will need plenty of food, iron and materials later in the game. Going back to earlier levels and letting the autoplay take care of the battles is good way to wrap up a play session. The autoplay is activated by tapping the small “fast forward” button near the top right corner of the screen. Notice that autoplay is not really tactical enough to take care of any of the more challenging fights, though.