Design Home Hack Cheats For Free Diamonds and Cash

Design Home Hack Cheats For Free Diamonds and Cash

Everyone likes Design Home game because of its simplicity of playing and engaging events. However, playing Design Home game without hack resources like diamonds and cash is not that worthy.

This is the reason why people want Design Home Hack which can give them unlimited diamonds. Some of them call it as Design Home Cheats to earn free cash. But, the fact is, meaning of both of them is the same.

Why people need free diamonds and cash in this game? And what is Design Home?

These are some of the questions may have been jumping in your mind after reading above paragraph.. Right?

So, let us stop running around the fruit and just grab it right away.

Let me start describing the design home game first, and then we will discuss the use of diamonds and cash in this game and why people want design home hack tool to deal with resources in the game.

So let’s start…

Shall we..?

Design Home Game Introduction

Nowadays, video games are coming with the self-defining names. So, it becomes very easy for every one of us to guess what should be the purpose of any game.

By keeping that context in mind, many of you must have already guessed the genre of this game.

Yes, you are right, “The design home game is all about designing and decorating various rooms of homes.”

We all have that secret dream in our mind that, we want to decorate our own home with our hands only. As per we wish to, as per our choices. But unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky to be able to decorate his or her home in real life. But now, you don’t need to worry anymore because Design Home game is here to complete your dream of decorating a home. (At least in the virtual world). Take pleasure in renovating a house for yourself in this game. Choose what you want in your room and buy it immediately.

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Design Home game has introduced by CrowdStar, the publisher who came into focus after founding Covet FashionThis is another one good game from them available to play. Design Home game is so popular that more than 10 million people play this game only on Google Play Store. Although, this game is also available in Apple App Store.

The game itself looks like an app… Means, you don’t get (that) feeling of playing a game because there are no such game type graphics used in this game. It’s just like using any regular app. But I must say, the gameplay experience is mind-blowing.

The Gameplay

Your role is not defined and confirm in the game, but let’s assume you are an interior designer and you have daily projects available to complete the game.

In this game, you get daily challenges to complete for designing the various rooms with furniture and other decorating stuff. This is a challenge; it means with you, other online players are also designing the same room that you are designing. When you submit your decoration into the challenge, you get the notification about the results which will be declared in particular period. If you win the challenge, you get free diamonds, cash, and stars as rewards for this win.

Diamonds and cash are needed to purchase furniture and other stuff available in the game. These are the resources which are necessary to design anything in this game.

However, stars work as a reputation for you and you’re designing jobs and skills.

There is another resource called keys. Keys are the tickets to enter into a challenge.

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To participate in a challenge, you need some amount of keys. There is a way to earn these keys for free. Let’s talk about that now.

Remember when you submit your decoration to challenge, the decorations that are completed and submitted will go for voting. Voting is a process which decides who will win any particular challenge. The design with more votes wins the challenge here.

Voting is a place where many gamers from us review your decorations and compare it with others for the same room. They vote for the decoration they like the most.

So here, when you need keys to participate in a challenge, you can also start voting for other decorations, this will let you earn free keys into the game. On every five votes, you get three keys for free.

But the main question has remained unanswered..

How To Get Free Diamonds In Design Home?

To get free diamonds in design home, there are several ways available to opt for. But first, let us talk about the design home free diamonds generator.

Users always ask to hack design home game by using the design home diamonds generator. People think that there is a design home hack available which will give them unlimited diamonds and cash as much as they want. But the thing they don’t know is that most of these design home cheats are not working and are FAKE. This design home hack tool always doesn’t work to get free diamonds and cash for your account.

We are not saying all of them don’t work. Because we don’t try all of them. So it is upon you whether to try design home hack generator or not. As we don’t know which design home cheats work and which don’t, it is better to stay neutral on this topic.

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There might be some working design home hacks available online. But most of the times people get only disappointment on their hands. This is the reason why we always tell our readers to stay away from such design home hack apk tools.

But still, if someone really wants to get free diamonds and cash in design home game, then what should he do?

How to hack design home game for diamonds? Is this question popped up in your mind also? Then let’s learn some of the legit ways to get free diamonds and cash in design home game.

Ways to Get Free Diamonds and Cash in Design Home

Believe me, if you follow below-mentioned ways carefully in your gameplay, you will never have to ask for how to hack design home game for free resources.

Participate in as much as challenges. Believe me, if you participate in more challenges, you will get more rewards. Don’t worry; we know that no one can win challenges every time. But few of us only know that there is a participation reward you can get by submitting your decoration for voting. So, here you get lots of diamonds and cash in return which you invested into the decorating the room for challenges.

Try to save your resources. It is a very essential trick to be followed strictly by everyone. In any challenge, you must try to save your cash and diamonds as much as you can. Because at the beginning of the game, you get 1800 of diamonds and cash each. These resources are very crucial and you should use them carefully.

Collect Daily Bonuses. You get daily rewards by just playing this game on a daily basis. Each day, you get free diamonds and cash for yourself. So, be sure to check them out daily.

If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. Most of us waste valuable diamonds and cash on unnecessary stuff, try to avoid things which are not needed for decorating a room or which is an optional stuff but not a compulsory.

Join FB and earn free resources. You can join FB to get ask for free diamonds and cash from any of your friend. You can borrow resources from your friend by going social also.

Design Home Tips and Tricks to Follow

If you like to know more design home tips to learn, then below given design home tricks are only for you. Check out these legit design home guides and use them in your gameplay to make more out of it.

Watch Advertisements. Advertisements have become an integral part of almost every game nowadays. Because it is the best source to get free resources in the game. You can easily spend your free time in watching advertisements in the game. It will lead to getting unlimited diamonds and cash for design home game for free of cost. So always try to watch them.

Participate in free surveys. Design Home has introduced a new way to earn free resources through surveys also. You need to take part into their survey program to earn free resources in the game. Here you can fill out the bunch of surveys and easily earn limitless cash and diamonds. This is another best option for you to get them for free.

Continuation of Tips and Tricks

Take part in competitive challenges. As we know, there are lots of challenges we can take part in the game. But if you want to earn more free resources than you earn usually, then it is the only way to gain free resources in big quantity. In the competitive challenges, there are legendary designers competing with you. So don’t take it so lightly. Use your all skills to make your design look so good. And if you win, you can win the jackpot of diamonds and cash as a reward.

Always look for game updates. In the design home, there are lots of updates and events takes place regularly. Look for the suitable events in which you can participate. If you can win them, then take apart and have rewards.

Remember, using legit ways to get resources is always the best way to get free resources. So, if you don’t trust anything other than the game itself, then it is advisable that you should not go for them. But on the other hand, if someone is suggesting a trusted way then you can try that too.

The Conclusion

If we try to summarise all the above topics in one paragraph, we can only say that there are ways by using which you can play this game for free of cost. Such a ways are legit ways which we have described above. We also talked about some of the ways which are not that working or we can say for which people are crazy about. Like using design home hack for free diamonds. Or getting free cash by applying design home cheats. We still don’t know whether these methods work or not. But at last, a choice is yours. You have the right to choose the suitable techniques for you.